Corporate Fashion

Part of the identity of a corporation is Corporate Fashion, which comes to sustain the society’s communication. Corporate fashion transports outside a unified and unmistakable image of the society. The employees identity themselves with the company and a deeper bond is created. Thus, Corporate Fashion is an important element for the company’s success.

SAFEGUARD produces knitwear for Corporate Fashion following your exact suggestions and sustains your design and functionality plans by request. We can put into practice for you any type and color or knit. In order to choose the colour, you only have to name the concordant values of the point paper design or of the RAL / Pantone. As an alternative, you can send us a model - regardless if it is textile or not – and we will obtain that colour.

Even with material mixtures we follow your suggestions and place at your disposal high quality materials, pure wool and brand Acrylic. Of course, on request, other mixtures between these materials are possible. We can use the company’s colours or your logo as follows:

  • Directly in the  tissue
  • Knitted logo, following the Jaquard procedure
  • Your company’s colours filled in the knit or separately knitted elements
  • Using the same material for other clothes, as trousers or jackets as border material, example: bags, solidifications, laces etc. 
  • Imprints of transfer or reflexible imprints (see Police, Justice, etc.)
  • Removable knitted symbols, which will be placed on.

We also offer you the labeling service, with labels you place at our disposal or, on request, labels created by us, with your logo.