Quality Management

Quality for SAFEGUARD means real superior quality. We have developed a quality system based on the ISO norm and which is suitable for our processes and activities. Each employee is aware and knows the rules specified in the quality book and thus the constant high quality is being guaranteed.

Quality controls are being performed at seven different locations:

  1. At the material furnishers
  2. At the arrival of raw material in the logistic center in Germany
  3. After the raw material arrives in the production hall SAFEGUARD Romania
  4. During production
  5. At Finishing / final control
  6. At the delivery
  7. After the arrival of finished goods at SAFEGUARD Germany.

Besides this, we permanently perform controls. Furthermore, at the beginning of each shift the functionality of each machine is being verified, therefore three times a day. The eventual defections or problems can be solved immediately. The continuous flux of information between the base, shift management and the society management is assured through periodic discussions, documented with written documents and through systematic assignments and their supervision.

More than that, we have established a number of quality rules for the offer lay down and for acquisitions, according to which we verify the fulfillment of all contractual terms, both intern and extern, at the material furnishers. All our furnishers must follow the quality norms set by us and confirm them in written, before agreeing to collaboration.