Our competitive advantage

SAFEGUARD offers you advantages which you cannot find in another concurrent company.

Quality: We carry out all the processes beginning with raw material acquisition, production and delivery, through our own team. In this sense we have developed a broad quality system through which our products are verified seven times in our factory.
Furthermore we have set quality guidelines for our distributors, which have to be recognized and agreed to in written, and the compliance to this guidelines is verified by us.

Price: The production in our own factory in Romania allows us to produce knitwear from the best raw materials, to competitive prices, and this not only for large series, but also for special orders or crofts, all this being possible due to optimized production processes and special production procedures.

Service: We offer you professional counseling and backing from the beginning. Product-design, quality suggestions, depending on necessities and usage, the insurance of a presentable model, labeling (Neck-labels, bar codes etc), commissioning, everything up to the neutral sacking and direct expedition, are services provided by us.

Innovation: In close collaboration with the clients, we find solutions for the different necessities and depending on the case, certain theoretic functionalities are being applied in practice – example: Special laces for service cards, material fortifications in weaponry, etc.

Experience: We fabric textiles from the beginning of the 30’s, the brand SAFEGUARD exists for over 20 years.
We have world corporations and small businesses and throughout our existence we have accomplished a variety of projects.