SAFEGUARD Wagner GmbH has its roots in a traditional family business in Schwaebisch Alb, in the middle of this textile stronghold.  Established at the beginning of the 30’s we began by creating knitted wear, especially underclothes.  After the Second World War, the middle class knit wear business was destroyed through the machine confiscation. In the third generation, in the 80’s, another support point was established, with knit wear for professional wear and image wear.

In order to combine the technical Know-How with a convenient production source, we established in Sibiu in the 90’s the factory SAFEGUARD Romania B.F.K., subsidiary of the society. Thus, the synergetic effects of the enterprise have been used for the interest of our clients. The Romanian workforce under German supervision offers the highest quality standard, availability and reliance.  Today there are over 100 production employees at your service. Through a good established net of wage-companies we increase every now and then the capacity, so that we can avoid agglomerations.